Who is Harb40?

Starting with the release of the original video game ‘Pong’, Harb40 has been attracted to gaming.  Whether it be role playing games, sports simulations, strategy games or any other type, gaming has been kind of a stress reliever for Harb.

Mainly into sports games, Harb ventured into strategy games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, The Sims and more.  A game hit the scene in late 2005 that let you run a movie studio.  Inside the game was a way to make your own movies.  This opened up a whole new world and led Harb in a new direction.  Still interested in gaming, the world of film making beckoned.  More of a hobby than anything else it did allow Harb’s creative abilities flow.

This was also an eye opening experience.  Learning more about the film industry showed how difficult some aspects of making movies and tv shows really are.  Although Harb’s film making skills were only fair, his ability to help others out by lending his voice and offer suggestions for other film makers to improve their skills were appreciated.

Other ventures

Harb started DiamondGate Films in 2006.  This is the name of his production studio for his video making.  You can see some of his films by clicking on the DGF link in the menu above.

2005 saw a program called ‘The Movies’ enter the market.  The program was made by Lionhead Studios and allowed you to run a movie studio.  It was marketed as a game but was in reality a movie making tool.  Lionhead Studios conducted several official contest with some great prizes and several users decided to hold minor contests on the forums.  The Passion Competition  started as one of these minor contests.

The competition started out with virtual credits as prizes (to be used on the Lionhead site) but with some suggestions from the community started dealing with cash prizes.  This turned into to software provided by corporate sponsors.  As of 2017 the contest will be in it’s 10th edition.

A short story writing category was added a few years back but now has morphed into a script writing category with it’s own sponsor.

A theme, which changes every year, lays out the general direction of the contest and a specific set of rules and guidelines are written for that specific theme.